Siemens Mobility

SEA SpA recognized as “Best Quality Supplier”.

Siemens Mobility during the Supplier Event & Award Ceremony 2023, that took place on Tuesday 26th September 2023 at the Wittelsbacher Platz in Munich, announced the winners of the company's Supplier Award for 2023.
Siemens Mobility awarded this recognition for a number of years, showing that supply chain’s actors are a core element of their ecosystem.
The awards were presented by Karl Blaim, Chief Financial Officer and member of the Siemens Mobility Managing Board, together with Rainer Straub, the company's Chief Procurement Officer.
150 guests were personally invited, and thousands of partners were connected via streaming from around the world.

The introduction of the Ceremony was underlined that:
"The award honors suppliers who made significant contributions to Siemens Mobility's success in fiscal 2023,
recognizing their outstanding performances, aiming to inspire and motivate suppliers, and encouraging the sharing of best practices.
To remain successful even in times of crisis, first-class suppliers who are innovative and competitive are needed, who reliably deliver the highest quality, and who reinforce the sustainability of the entire value chain.
We depend on our suppliers to help us deliver on time, on budget, and in the quality our customers expect.
Their innovative and sustainable ideas transform the everyday, and without their efforts and commitment, we couldn’t deliver the projects that help make the world a better place!"

The award was presented in six categories:
- “Technology & Innovation”
- “Logistics Performance”
- “Competitiveness”
- “Quality”
- “Sustainability”
- “Transform the Everyday”.

Mr. Sartori Nicola, CEO of SEA SpA, proudly received the award for our company as the winner in the category “Quality”.
“I thank the entire Siemens Mobility team for the trust they have placed to SEA.
I have the honour to represent SEA SpA in receiving this award which belongs to all our collaborators, employers, workers for their commitment, competence and great passion for their tasks.
This passion is an example we received from those who preceded us.
Since the beginning everyone in SEA SpA has been committed to improve organization, processes and products, resulting in constant technical and production growth to serve our customers better and better with a particular attention to sustainability of all aspects of our growth!
We have to thank also to our suppliers and sales partners.
Receiving this award is an incentive for continuous improvement for our Company!
Thanks again for this recognition”.

This important award emphasizes, as highlighted by the previous Mr. Sartori’s words, SEA SpA's constant commitment to develop and maintain high quality, environmental, safety and sustainability standards to be a reliable and competitive partner for its customers over the years.

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