Special equipments


In SEA product portfolio there are some special equipments suitable for industrial applications.
Find below a brief description of them and their specific application field.

Magnetizer for metal packaging machinery

Special equipment where the magnetic field can be used for specific industrial applications. The photo is referred to an application where a magnetic field is used to guide metals for packaging.

Special transformers used for testing rooms

Such kind of transformers are used as testing equipment for different apparatus and devices.
For instance:

  • to supply motors and VSD drives at different voltages
  • to test equipments (bushings, surge arresters, switchgears, etc.).

Electro Static Precipitator (ESP)

It is one of the currently used systems to remove the particulate from the exhaust smoke of power plants.
The mechanism consists of the following phases:

  • The particles present in the gaseous smoke are loaded electrically
  • The smoke is placed in an electric field where charged particles undergo forces capable of diverting from current to a collecting electrode
  • The particles are removed from the electrode to allow the separation of new particles.

Voltage regulator for booster application (continuous voltage regulation)

Special equipment commonly used for voltage regulation required in furnace heavy industry application.