IQTrafotec Technology

Innovative construction solutions, modern and technologically advanced processes, detailed checks throughout the entire design and construction chain assure the Total Quality of SEA products.
SEA established procedures to assure the Total Quality of its products availing itself on its own know-how and adapting it to innovative manufacturing processes and strict control procedures.
This type of technology has been identified by SEA with the name IQTrafotec, a brand that guarantees a continual commitment to improve the product and its manufacture, considering 4 main areas:

  • Safety of working environment
  • Quality of the products
  • Saving of materials and reduction of waste
  • Lowest environmental impact during manufacture, maintenance and after use

Some facts about SEA:

Total area:

22000 m2

Production plants:


Headquarters and offices area:

1300 m2

Own data centers, CAD and FEA softwares, ERP, PDM, CRM, BI, PM, CMS systems to improve all internal tasks.


Dry type transformers plant

Liquid immersed small distribution transformers, reactors and coils factory

  • Factory layout optimized in 2013
  • Modern equipment and brand new treatments plants
  • Lifting capacity up to 100 t
  • Modern testing room for high voltage test till 245/460/1050 - 850 kV class

Dry type transformers factory

  • Complete new factory
  • Optimized production layout
  • Highest production and technical capability
  • Complete traceability of all components and treatment process datas
  • Plant certified for nuclear power plant for Safety Classes 2/3/4

Liquid immersed power transformers, reactors and coils factory

  • Modernization works for production plant starting from 2014
  • Optimizing of factory layout
  • Increasing of lifting capacity and performance of logistic system
  • New winding machines
  • New treatment plants
  • New high voltage testing lab