Testing labs

Thermal analysis


Testing Department

A careful inspection and a strict observance to norms are fundamental for supplying safe and reliable products.
Every single transformer is subjected to all quality checks and to routine, type and special tests required by national and international standards. SEA is able to carry out the tests in accordance with all the regulations (EN, IEC, ANSI, IEEE, GOST, etc.).
Our staff is consisting of trained and specialized engineers, technicians and consultants both private or academic (as University of Padua or CESI Comitato Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano).
Production and testing instruments are periodically calibrated by laboratories certified by national and international accredited organizations.
We also have a personalized application to manage the expiring calibrations.
In every testing room exists a constant compliance with all ISO regulations about safety, allowing us to boast a Class IV safety system, controlled by a PLC, reducing the possibility of human error.


For SEA is also very important to maintain a relationship of transparency and trust with their customers, this is one of the reasons because we provide test results complete with testing procedures, that describe all the tasks and test patterns made ​​during testing.
Not only in procedures but also in the way to perform tests SEA is spearhead.
We are equipped with our personal data acquisition and processing softwares optimized for our testing tools, so as to obtain results of the tests and related report in a short time and very accurate.
We have equipments with latest technologies that let us to keep under control main features influencing good performance of transformers.